Single and divorced moms can often find it hard when they start to date again. Integrating a new partner in to life already filled with children and ex-husbands can be tricky. So how can you find love, have a new relationship and maintain a happy family unit? Here are some tips for single moms on how to ensure your new love and your kids get along.

mom reading to baby

Explain the dating world

The fact that you are a single parent may be hard enough for a child to understand but when new "friends" start showing up in mom's life it can be confusing. Explaining what the dating world is and how it works is a subject that many find hard to broach. When you first start dating you never know if it will work out or not, so perhaps it's best to keep your dating and family life separate in the early stages.

If you live in a big city, it may be easier to find some distance between home and where you go out. If you are looking for dating in the United States with a dating app, you can meet singles in your local area.

mom walking with child

Deal with emotions

So you've met a special someone and introduced him or her to your children. Everyone is getting along and dating is a joy. But then there is the difficult situation of when the kids get jealous, scared or angry. If they miss their father and the break-up is fairly recent, children may have mixed emotions that they do not know how to deal with.

Make sure that you address their needs by listening to their worries and supporting them through difficult times. Don't get too involved in "me-only" things such as strict dieting.It will take time for trust to be built up between your new partner and the children but if he's a keeper, he's sure to be patient and go the distance.

Share good times

It is easy to get wrapped up in a new relationship and simply forget about the rest of the world. As a mom this will be hard to do but even so, after years of being on your own, the new love may be overwhelming. Remember to spend time with both your kids and your lover separately.

Take the kids out to the playground as a family and then spend the evening with your new boyfriend away from the little ones. As they get to know each other slowly there will be times when you can go out as a group and share some good times. But at first, make sure either side does not feel that they are missing out on your time.