Medically speaking, obesity is an excess in fatty accumulation which is abnormally unhealthy. A person will be classified as obese by the measurement of his or her BMI or Body Mass Index which is by the formula of body weight in kilograms, divided by the square of the person's height in meters. Standard classification of obesity is a person having a BMI of 30 or above. Overweight is when a person has a BMI of 25 or above. Being both overweight and obese may lead to the person being at risk of major illnesses.

With the growing number of obese and overweight people, according to statistics, health practitioners stress education for people about the benefits of weight loss and healthy eating as well as a healthy lifestyle. Since being obese and overweight is brought about by ingestion of food. We will look at the foods that are good for you in aiding you to lose weight.

What are Foods which help in Weight Loss?

Choosing the right foods to ingest will help you in your goal of losing weight. Food is the number one enemy of people who are trying to reduce weight. Hence, there is an importance to be informed of the foods that you should not guiltily indulge. The following are foods which help in weight loss:

Whole grains

If you are planning to lose weight, you should ingest whole grains because they are known to be fiber rich and have few calories, and they will make your stomach feel full.

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Nuts are a healthy food which makes you energized and fill you up in an instant. By munching on these, it allows you to curb your hunger episodes.


Citrus foods such as grapefruits, lemons, tangerines and oranges are known to have Vitamin C which aids in the management of cholesterol as well as burning fat.

Dark green leafy vegetables

This is a healthy option for those who are planning to lose weight. Dark green leafy vegetables have low calories and are filled with water as well as being packed with minerals and vitamins which are good for the body.

Egg whites

Eggs are protein rich, and make you feel full for a long time. According to studies, they also prevent blood sugar from increasing.

Strawberries and apples

These two fruits contain pectin which has weight loss properties. It acts by limiting the amount of absorbed fat into the cellular level.

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Beans are known to have cholecystokinin which aids in the weight loss and have a natural appetite suppressant property. In addition to that, they can also lower the level of cholesterol.

Green tea

Green tea has catechins which aid in the speedy metabolism and burning of the fat. Also, it helps in the lowering of bad cholesterol.


According to research, cinnamon can aid in the controlling of post meal spiking of insulin which is the cause of the person feeling a bit hungry.

Lean beef

Lean beef has amino acid leucine which helps in the maintenance of burning calories by the muscles.


Potatoes particularly boiled or baked ones are great for your body. They contain fewer calories and are a nutritious food to consume.