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LOreal Paris Superliner Black Lacquer
LOreal Paris




Swati Gugnani
Star Rating:  5
My go-to eyeliner
I have been purchasing this eyeliner for several years now - works perfectly for my oily skin. Stays intact the entire day and easy to apply
sia choudhary
Star Rating:  5
L’Oreal superliner
packaging impressive, awesome waterproof L’Oreal superliner.
priyanka mani
Star Rating:  2
Dries up
Product not good dried up
Rein Adams
Star Rating:  4
Loreal superliner
Its good. But i wudnt buy it again..😶
Aditi Jain
Star Rating:  5
Love the product and the formula
Kim Mi So
Star Rating:  5
Love it
I have to say that I have tried MANY drug store brand mascaras over my years and not one has come close to being worth the $! I’ve always used my expensive Sephora brands, Dior and then Too Faced came out with their “better than sex” mascara and that sh!t was liquid gold, until now...Keep in mind these name brand mascaras are upwards of $30 cad. I’ve always used waterproof because my eyes are sensitive and sometimes water for no reason. Although I’ve just put this on and can’t attest to how easy it is to remove or how it holds up throughout the day, I am already happier with the results and have to say that this mascara is even better than the Too Faced. Someone mentioned in their review that this is similar to the “better than sex” and while I have to agree - I do think it’s much better. I’ve longed for a drugstore brand that can impress me. I also want to mention that I curled my eyelashes before putting this on and did not need to after. The mascara formula kept them nice and curled which is something I look for in a mascara and doesn’t leave them flat. AHHHH-MAZZZZINGG. Definitely recommend! 👏🏼
pracheta chattopadhyay
Star Rating:  5
Absolute favorite
This is my absolute favorite since last 4 years. I use only this liner, dark color and easy to remove.
divya sahitya nambala
Star Rating:  4
Washable yet pretty
Great product. I have been using this since years. It is washable and foesng leave a black cast once removed
Star Rating:  4
Easy to apply
The sponge brush makes it so easy to apply even for beginners like me. Jet black eyeliner which is smudge proof too. A good buy !!
Mahi Rathi
Star Rating:  5
Linear have my heart
This linear is fabulous, this look so good and definitely its worth all the money. Just go for this one.
Anil Kumar
Star Rating:  3
I bought this a few months ago and it dried up only after a few uses.
Banu Krishna
Star Rating:  1
Worst product
I received Very worst product, its not a waterproof , it is ( easily dry, black darkly its only for good) otherwise the applications & the consistency is very worst, Im not satisfied this product
Shivani Saxena
Star Rating:  4
Good but Expensive
Smooth application and finish, stays for a long time. Too expensive for the quantity though.
aastha dugar
Star Rating:  5
Great definition
Gives a great flawless application and colour is also deep
Manali Trilochan
Star Rating:  5
Best eye liner
Loreal eyeliner is bestest eye liner ever. I have tried other costly liners bt ths one is best.This liner is very easy to apply coz of its brush. Must buy.
Ekta Mongia
Star Rating:  5
Go for it
This eyeliner do wonders. It is completely waterproof and smudge proof.
Rimli Munshi
Star Rating:  5
Perfect for bigneers . Go for it
Kirti Agrawal
Star Rating:  5
Best best best
The best eyeliner till date. It’s black, it’s super dark and long lasting.
fakhera khatoon
Star Rating:  5
It’s pitch black and very stylish
nidha hashim
Star Rating:  5
I got it for offer ita best kajal smudeproof and easy to apply.it last long
Kritika Awasthi
Star Rating:  4
Must read this review
Its a good eyeliner yes its waterproof but it will come. Off if you will rub it too much like if u accidently got water on your face and if you rubbed your eyes it will come off not that easily but if u rubbed 5 6 times then it will come off but if you worried that it would come out with just water NOOOOO it will not come off easily only if u rubbed it 5 6 times
Pulkit Verma
Star Rating:  1
Barely after three applications this has become very dry.
niharika singh
Star Rating:  5
Absolutely love this! The brush is more of a felt tip and glides well. It doesnt flake off and stays put.
Zeba Waseem
Star Rating:  5
Best Eyeliner
I would only request Loreal to please never stop selling this eyeliner . Stays till night . Love love it
Rukhsar Khan
Star Rating:  4
Good eyeliner Water proof Long lasting Smudge free Jet black
Star Rating:  5
Love it
This is just my fav
Shivani Patel
Star Rating:  5
I use this product from very long time ... the main thing which i like the most is that its so easy to remove without spreading it.
Ragini Tilak
Star Rating:  1
Doesnt stay on for long!
The product says waterproof/smudge proof but when I used it didnt last even for 2-3 hrs. My experience with the loreal sketch liner was better than this.
Archita Pal
Star Rating:  4
Nice product amd quick dry
This is my 2nd one. Really like the intense black color and quick dry formula.
prasuna p
Star Rating:  5
Only liner that helps me give a wing
I do great eye shadow work but still not skilled enough for a cat eye. However, this helps me give myself a perfect wing (I do mess up but it’s very easy to erase using micellar). If you are a beginner, you must purchase. Quantity is too low for the price but you can simple use to create a wing and save consumption. I use chambor for upper and lower lid otherwise.
shifra elias
Star Rating:  1
Not satisfied
Have been using it for a couple of months now and everytime after 3-4 hours it smudges and transfers on the lid .
jaspreet kaur
Star Rating:  5
Super?r kajal
I love this eyeliner! It stays on all day long disputed of the fact that I sometimes sweat due to physical activity or hot bath. It last even a year (I use it 6 times a week!).
Anamika chauhan
Star Rating:  5
Amazing product
Although I love loreal makeup products...and this product made me love more... thanks loreal for such amazing products
Tanisha Razdan
Star Rating:  5
I am wondering why I didn’t buy this earlier. It’s absolutely amazing. The pigmentation is quite nice. Loved it!
neha mehra
Star Rating:  3
Not up to the mark
If you are searching for jet black liner then plz dont waste your money like me.... I mean the quantity of liner is very bad
tarwinder kaur
Star Rating:  5
It is a magic eyeliner..it fill eyes very easily and comfortabely
Ashita Podar
Star Rating:  5
This is one of the quick dry liners
Very good color. Dries superrrrrrr fast! Amazing for the thin line brush! Makes it easy for wing eyeliness
Jessica Mercado
Star Rating:  5
Its an amazing eyeliner
Its smooth and glides on easily and moreover its a quick dry and smudge-proof eyeliner ...I love this liner for its jet black colour...but the only thing is that the quantity is too little ...
Phebe Dominic
Star Rating:  5
Super super liner
Its a real super liner, I had been using loreal magique eye liner, I tried this one from Loreal , really very nice liner the tip of the applicator is designed in such a way that applying liner is very easy and it resulted with such a precision effortlessly. Woooow , it lasted for a long time without smudging. It dried in no time after applying. It is really a super liner. I bought it in 50% off. Thanks Nykaa.
Yagavi Purple
Star Rating:  2
It is good but quantity is less.. Im not happy
Palak Tyagi
Star Rating:  4
An honest review
I won’t lie but this product is way too expensive for the quantity . The quality is superb , i applied it at 5 pm and it didn’t vanish till 3 am . Even after such long time , I had to use makeup remover to remove it . Although with water you can easily remove it but it itself won’t vanish anywhere so you can totally rely and trust this . The tip is fine ! I can create sharp and thin looks with this . I just have quantity complaint that’s it .
snigdha das
Star Rating:  5
I use it for last 4 years.nice.stay long,waterproof, easy apply,must buy this eyeliner.thanks lorial.love it 2 much .
Anu Middha
Star Rating:  5
Very nice.
Such an easy to use liner. Must give it a try.
tania palit
Star Rating:  1
Empty product
When i recvd the product it was unsealed. N the bottle was empty too. Plz i dnt know what to do as i was expecting a better quality product but i was surprise to see the product was emnty.
Smriti Sharma
Star Rating:  5
Best liner ever!!!!
Literally the best liner...I loved the brush of this it gives you such a perfect winged eye look.
ayushi gupta
Star Rating:  5
Super quality
The finish is amazing. Make my eyes bold n beautiful. Easy to remove n suitable for sensitive skin
Anjali Chhabra
Star Rating:  4
Black eyeliner
Its a good one but its not matte. The colour is completely black. It has a felt tip which makes drawing a wing super easy! I usually prefer matte finish in my eyeliners , so the satin finish of this eyeliner is a turndown for me. Other than that, its a great product!!
raman randhawa
Star Rating:  5
the best eye liner i don’t knw about other eye liners because i haven’t use any other thn this. it shine so good and it’s very easy to use. It affordable as i ordered it during pink friday sale
Star Rating:  5
Favorite since ages
I keep coming back to this pen eyeliner, its jet black, has precise and soft tip, easy to draw liner..must buy.Bought this on huge discount.
puja das
Star Rating:  5
Best eye liner
Using it for years and it never disappoints. Precision, waterproof, quick dry, blackest black and easy application, this eyeliner has it all. With daily usage a bottle will last you a 2-3 months
Riviera 111
Star Rating:  5
Best eyeliner ever!
It gives you that perfect winged eyeliner of your dreams. I’m mad at myself for not trying it sooner. I’ve only used hypoglossal liner for years. This one easily became my next favourite.
Lucky Reddy
Star Rating:  3
Not so great
The packaging is amazing i love the feel of it. Easy to apply as well. However i believe there are better liners in this price range. The tip of the applicator is like the sketch pens liners. For each usage u will have to dip it in the product, pick up some product and then apply which makes it a TASK to apply the liner. Coming to the product, it stays put for a nice 4 5 hrs and is smudge proof until it comes in contact with water.
Alka Bhut
Star Rating:  4
A good liner
This loreal Paris superliner is a fantastic product if you like the make up with less weight. This liner when applied on eyes doesnt feel heavy or strong. Its application is easy as the whole line is easy to be drawn in one stroke and removal is easy as well as it removes a tape. Good Quality Product ...must to add in your daily make up routine
Shaanu Singh
Star Rating:  4
This is really surprising for me to get this liner. It was unexpected as i got this free with lash paradise mascara. It doesnt smudge and stays long. It is bit shiny and pure black eyeliner. I do like matt eyeliner most but this also very good.
ivanasalomon S
Star Rating:  5
Long lasting
Long lasting smudge proof I love it soooooo much
Harsha Parmar
Star Rating:  2
Makes eyes puffy
Eyeliner is good, sharp but it makes the eyes puffy aftr u remove it, the next morning. I hv tried lakme, but this never happened.
Farida Begum
Star Rating:  5
The getup is sooooo sleek n attractive n unique .Truely a world class product
Loreal always brings out such awesome products ????World class ,this liner is amongst 1 of them , I really am impressed by its result . Such an Awesome product at such an affordable price , thnx .Loreal n A Big Thnx 2 U Nykaa. Ur D Bestest
Disha Kaushik
Star Rating:  3
Average product
This will be the first time I would say that I am not satisfied with loreals product but this is it, For 600/- you can get much better product than this. Yes the sketch tip helps to build any shape you want that the only reason I bought it, it creates and wing or any liner beautifully but you need to go and fill you liner again n again if you wear shadow, this is because the tip gathers the shimmer and colour and you need to fill the tip with colour again which doesnt carry much in it. But any which ways, the product is good, it doesnt move, it give you the perfect liner aspirations once you use it properly
Star Rating:  3
Really good pigment eyeliner
But its easy dry out soon... Be careful when using..make sure close it properly..
Ruchi Gupta
Star Rating:  5
I have been looking for a product that is waterproof,easy to apply n does not smear at all since a long time. When I bought this I was a bit skeptical as it is a bit pricy. But when I used it, I understood that its worth it. Pros Easy to apply Superfine brush tip for finer application Totally waterproof n does not smear at all Once applied you are good for 10-12 straight hours or may be more Bright vibrant color Cons Brush could have been a bit more sturdy as it breaks easily if not taken care of Very hard to take off using makeup remover as well Price could have been a bit lower
Momtaz Mullick
Star Rating:  5
Black lacquer is a liquid liner product with intense, almost opaque black pigmentation which applies well in a single stroke of the applicator. The liquid is of a medium-thick consistency, so it spreads easily and one does not need to pull/ tug the delicate skin around the eyes during application.The finish is glossy black
Sara Siddique
Star Rating:  5
Loreal paris superliner black lacquer
Loreal paris superliner black lacquer very nice product and it’s waterproof too so i like this liner
Star Rating:  5
Loreal Paris superliner black lacquer
Very good eyeliner.. best product for beginners !!
Gursimar Kaur
Star Rating:  4
Nice liner
It gives a matte finish look and totally waterproof..
Star Rating:  1
Bottle is almost empty
The product is glossy not matte and qty is very little. And the texture and application is not smooth
Upasana Bhurani
Star Rating:  3
Didn’t like the tip as it not great or flexible for a wing eyeliner. For beginners it’s good.
harkiratk kaur
Star Rating:  4
Wow perfect for both beginners and professional...
Pigmentation is too good...sharpp strokes available..go ahead
madiha tahir
Star Rating:  1
Swells eyelids
I tried using this eyeliner but whenever i aplly it swells my eyelids....not only mine but also others tried to use this but it didnt work for them either..waste of money!!! I wish i could get some compensation!
Priyanka Rawat
Star Rating:  1
Liiquid liner
I dont like this liner it looks like dry already before I use it nd didnt give that one stroke look .not satisfied not happy.
Ankita Das
Star Rating:  4
The applicator is very good.... loved it.... it gives an intense look...
Nandana Murali
Star Rating:  4
Worth a try
Nice one and long lasting. This is soo easy to use as well
Susmita Thapa
Star Rating:  5
Best liner love it ??
Ekta Mongia
Star Rating:  5
It is completely smudge proof and waterproof. I am loving it.
Arpita Pillai
Star Rating:  5
What a liner
Its my re-buy of this amazing eyeliner. Its so sharp, totally non-smudging and so quick to dry. So aptly named superliner.
Meenu Jain
Star Rating:  1
Nyccc but..
Its vry nyc n smooth n easy apply..but this liner dries after 4..5 strokes...
Pompi Das
Star Rating:  3
Its not matt .its lightly shine black
Zeenat Khan
Star Rating:  5
Dupe of maybeline hypergloss
Seriously awsome eyeliner Waterproof and smudge proof too It is glossy liner and as well as compare to maybelline hypergloss U just need some little practice because it has a sponge tip and without practice u cant know how much its gret
puja sharma
Star Rating:  1
Very poor in quality
Dont know about orignal one, bcoz its fst time purchase on nykaa after seeing goods reviews. But its totally wastage of money.. either its duplicate product or l,’oreal has launched poor quality..
Omega kamei
Star Rating:  4
Go for it Gurlll!!
Give one perfect strike of it and get a deep black liners in your eyes!! The black is so intense... Im falling for it.
Ddiptii Baijal
Star Rating:  5
The bestesttttt
The bestest liner i have come across!! 100% waterproof and smudgeproof ????
Shreya Biswas
Star Rating:  4
Loreal paris black laquer
Stays till long hours.. smudge proof... bit overpriced for a small bottle
kajal Godikya
Star Rating:  4
Super black
Nice eyeliner... Matte finished... Transfer proof
Deshita Paul
Star Rating:  5
Soo good
awesome product. Really smudge proof
Anagha Bhange
Star Rating:  5
Super fine finish, long lasting, waterproof
Everyday use perfect eyeliner.. Very good nip, even an amateur make up artist like me can easily wing with it... Even on rainy days, It doesnt leave black stain when washed off.. Its kinda peel off..
joe b
Star Rating:  3
Okay product
It is good but very expensive. And one of the concern is it dries out very quickly. If you are using it daily it would last only 10-15 days.
Dipti Anand
Star Rating:  3
The tip is not so good in applying the liner Which is a disappointment but the formula is quite good . Coats of liner makes it tacky
Riya Pawar
Star Rating:  4
Good quality. Long lasting. However, the bottle Dries out quickly. Good for beginners. Slightly over priced.
Rumela Basu
Star Rating:  5
Absolutely black and easy apply!
Pitch black colour. Sharp applicator for perfect line. Easy apply and peel off without effecting the eye lids. Been using it for last 5 years and not planning to switch to any other brand any time sooner.
amritha jestine
Star Rating:  2
Doesnt have much quantity
Its been 2 weeks since I bought it and its already dried out.
Divya Gupta
Star Rating:  1
Not up to the mark
The liner is somehow like cheap itchy liners, the shade is looks flashy, not that good.
Shrutika Toshniwal
Star Rating:  5
Best eyeliner
Give a very nice wings and very easy to apply
nitya singhal
Star Rating:  5
Luv this!!
This is the best eyeliner in this price.. Long lasting and it is very useful for the beginners as it can b easily applied..
Maheshwari Shetty
Star Rating:  5
Superb Eyeliner
Waterproof and does not give you Panda eyes..Loved it...
Iffat Humaira
Star Rating:  3
Nice liner
It is better than my chambor liner was super matte but was washed off by just 1 splash of water this is a long-lasting one which I really liked as I wash my face often but it came only for 4 months on regular use it has a slight glossy finish also its one time try liner.
shivangi malhotra
Star Rating:  4
Daily wear liner, great brush
The highlight of the liner is the brush, it is very good for creating a winged liner look! The liner is also dark and stays mostly throughout the day.
Nancy Chauhan
Star Rating:  4
It is a fantastic as its very easy to apply and draw a wing on the eye and it is smudge proof and last long.
rakshanda sharma
Star Rating:  4
Good eyeliner. Very smooth. The brush is very precise. You can easily make winged eyeliner.
Star Rating:  3
Not that great
Its a decent eye liner, but not that great in my opinion. Gives bold black color in one swipe and has a shiny finish. It starts to come off before my office hours get over, so I have to reapply it. Otherwise, it looks tacky. It also peels off when comes in contact with water. Most likely wont purchase again. On the hunt to find next eyeliner.
charul Mehta
Star Rating:  3
This is a good product but not good for oily skin, only good for the beginners or those who need to apply eye makeup for short time but very expensive as compared to other apps.
Priyanka Barwal
Star Rating:  5
Very Nice Product
It stays for quite a long time its intense and hold, Smudge proof gives a wonderful look eye look fully recommend it to everyone.
Star Rating:  4
Nice product!
Love the glossy effect it has and the ease of removal.
sharvani bethi
Star Rating:  3
Good eyeliner
Good liner precise tip gives slight glossy finish but less quantity and will be peeled off when you rub it.
Fiyona Jain
Star Rating:  4
Black Love
Eyeliner is a necessity. Long Lasting, Water Proof and Black. This eyeliner lasts a pretty long run.
R mukherjee
Star Rating:  3
Smudges after some hours
The tip and effect are excellent but it smudges after some hours of application.
Avantika Sharma
Star Rating:  5
Use it once and then you will keep using this eyeliner. Gives a great finish.
Piali Mondal
Star Rating:  5
Great eyeliner
Using since 4years. I use it both for daily and special occasions. Dries very quick. Helps to draw that perfect wing. Stays on for long and smudge proof l. Also, easy to remove. I love the applicator tip as how precisely it applies. Highly recommended.
alisha sharma
Star Rating:  5
Precise tip
Gives an amazing look whenever I want one. Absolutely love it.
Star Rating:  4
Long lasting , easy to apply and non messy
I use contacts and wanted a non messy long lasting eye liner for daily use.. this ones perfect ...only concern is it doesnt last for more than 2 months if u use it daily.
s runi
Star Rating:  3
Good product
Its very handy and smooth while applying even beginners can easily hold it.gives a classy finish and most important it smudge proof.
Varsha Verma
Star Rating:  1
It dried out after few applications
The applicator is good, colour good, nice glossy black colour makes eyes look fresh but my only concern is that it is almost finished within 10 days.
Zarah Khan
Star Rating:  5
Smooth and black
Its a perfect dupe for the Lancome Artliner!
Star Rating:  3
Not so good
This looks shiny when applied. Not good.
Dona Chakraborty
Star Rating:  5
Very good product.
Easy to use, long-lasting, gives the eyes a nice look.
Shweta Deshmukh
Star Rating:  3
Easy application but doesnt stay for long.
This is a very overrated eyeliner. I have oily skins so naturally, I have oily lids as well. Though the application is smooth it doesnt stay for long. It is shiny which I am not really fond of. After some time it looks patchy. For this price not worth at all. 3 stars only for easier application. I would rather use my Revlon Colorstay. Not buying this again.
Aashna Bisht
Star Rating:  5
Perfect and Easy to Use.
Been using this for a long time and its simply the best eyeliner out there- smooth, water resistant and safe.
Star Rating:  1
Expensive for 6ml
Product is good but too expensive for 6ml. Gets over in a matter of a few days.
Siddhi Goel
Star Rating:  5
Love it
The best eyeliner I have ever used. It is super black, Easy to apply and does not smudge. Do try its really good!!!
Star Rating:  1
Worst eyeliner ever
So even the cheapest of the cheapest liner would be better than this. Tattoo-like look when applied, the applicator itself is a flimsy squishy non-pointed tip. And you have to keep dipping it forever inside the tube because it’s extremely drying and patchy. NOT AT ALL recommended!
Maroofa Nawaz
Star Rating:  4
Dark black
I like its boldness ...it is dark black which gives a full look to my eyes..it is a matte liner and I love its wand because I could draw an easy wing with its help ..and from Nykaa I got it in discount ..
Simran Rigzin
Star Rating:  5
Amazing product
This is by far my favorite liquid liner. The liner is not a brush and is silicon. Very smooth and dark shade.
Star Rating:  1
Hyped product
Flakes and peels barely after an hour of application. There is a cheaper product that performs better than this.
Aanchal Ratwani
Star Rating:  3
Chips off
It is waterproof but comes off... Not matte... There are other good liners by Loreal, would buy those...
Deepa Kumari
Star Rating:  1
Not at all worth it
Its so dry to use and the amount of product in this price is not worth it. I literally have to tilt the complete bottle to get the right amount of product on the brush, pathetic.
vidushi bajpai
Star Rating:  5
Application of this product is beautiful. Smudge free and waterproof.
Swati Damle
Star Rating:  5
The blackest black.
This is another LOréal product that never leaves my purse! Just gorgeous.
Runa Sen
Star Rating:  5
Eyes are the essence of our beauty. This eyeliner is wonderful to apply along the outline of my eyes.
Prema Pandey
Star Rating:  3
Its fine product but a bit expensive for its quality. I didnt find it anything special.
Madhushree S
Star Rating:  4
Easy to apply
It has sponge applicator which is easy to apply
Star Rating:  2
Unsealed packing
I have always trusted Nykaa with its products But this time I received an unsealed packet for this liner and i felt that the quantity was less for a new liner because in the second application only i had to shake and tilt the bottle to get the wand completely immersed in the liquid
Bhavika Aggarwal
Star Rating:  5
smudge proof
Its tip is what I crush on. amazing it is. it actually stays without smudging. totally adoring.
Shilpi Gupta
Star Rating:  4
Nice one
This is easy to use with good staying power.
Somya Goel
Star Rating:  5
Dark Finish
Worth buying. Dark finish and easy to apply brush
Star Rating:  5
Really very NYC product as like its title superfine black lacquer
This product is good. Perfect black liner. It is a super black and quick dry liner. Its brush is very nice. Easy to handle and gives a perfect line. Fewer efforts to draw a perfect line. Really very good product for making your eyes beautifully presentable and looking beautiful.
Kanchan Prajapati
Star Rating:  4
Good Liner with great brush.
Bought this liner and is simply amazing. It is waterproof and easy to apply as it had a soft brush like a pen shape but if your looking for a complete matte liner then this is not as it is little glossy finish though it doesnt look bad.
Jyoti Gurung
Star Rating:  1
Not worth the hype wont recommend
It peels off with in few hours, I wont recommend it, better you buy some other brand.
Star Rating:  5
Very good
So precise tip. One stroke application. Perfect.
Nishtha Rahul
Star Rating:  5
Beautiful product
Easy to apply product... intensely black and long-lasting...
Avadhi J
Star Rating:  5
Best one!
Repurchasing, because I love it so much, and cant do without it. Dries quickly, applicator is handy to use (for all beginners as well). Bought this one for my sis, because she is addicted too.
Star Rating:  5
Havent been really a fan of these type liners, but this is undoubtedly the best liner have used till date. I have tried many International brands, but this one is a must-have in your make up closet!
Sreyashi Ghosh
Star Rating:  4
Glossy and great
Its really easy to apply and stays for really long. I really like the glossy finish it gives.
Star Rating:  3
Nice was expecting more for the brand.
Neha Nayyar
Star Rating:  5
Awesome Product.
Its an awesome liner super black! Loved it. Go for it guys its waterproof.
Bhavya Khattar
Star Rating:  5
This eyeliner is just perfect for me. I am not an eyeliner savvy person but the brush is so easy to use that I get it right in just one attempt.
Hena Najeeb
Star Rating:  5
Been my favorite for years now. Very trustworthy. Lasts as long as you rub it off with water. Doesnt work well on eyeshadow though.
Ketaki Vinchurney
Star Rating:  5
Because youre worth it :)
This is eyeliner personified. Does more than what it says - lifts the look instantly with its correct sheen and super smooth application. Have been using this product consistently over years now with no wish to switch to another brand. The price is a little steep as compared to others, but the final outcome is also far superior to others as well! A true LORÉAL product delivered! ❤
Star Rating:  5
Best Eyeliner
I have used this for the first time and I am in love with this eyeliner. It dries very quickly, does not smudge at all and the best thing is that its waterproof.
priyanka ghosh
Star Rating:  5
The Best and glittering eye- liner. A big thumbs- up.
Faith Praveen
Star Rating:  5
Up-to the mark always!!!
I have used this eye liner Nnumber of times n it has never disappointed me!!!!!
spoorthi iyer
Star Rating:  1
Low quality product.
Its not at all worth for the price and they say 6ml but u can hardly find 2ml. The brush is not easy to use and drys out quick. I received the package without a seal. Its not glossy and peels off easily after some time. I dont recommend this product.
Monika Gowtham
Star Rating:  5
Best product
I am using this product since 5 yrs...very good product!
Ruhi Dubey
Star Rating:  5
My favorite liner.
This one is my all time fav liner. it gives glamorous looks for a party with perfect shine without making eyes shimmery. long-lasting as well
Rashi Wadhwa
Star Rating:  5
Revolutionary Eyeliner
I am in love with this eyeliner!! Dries quickly!! Thin sponge applicator helps to apply precise eyeliner!!
Star Rating:  5
Have been using loreal waterproof eyeliner since 5 years and to me it has always been the best.
Star Rating:  4
Love it
I love this eyeliner....nice product... I loved it...
Anjali Chamola
Star Rating:  2
Could have been better...
The eyeliner does what it has to do very well but the bottle dried up quickly and the applicator just got bent after a week. Expected better from the brand!
Star Rating:  5
The best ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I have tried various eye liners ,but trust me the best eye liner is the best one . Loved it so much
malyashree sridharan
Star Rating:  5
the best eyeliner!!
I have been using this eyeliner for years now and its easily the best eyeliner available in the market. The finish is not over glossy and is just right. The wand is just perfect and super easy to use. Very easy to draw winged liner with this as it glides on easily. A must have for everyone
Prakriti Ghosh
Star Rating:  5
It might be a tad bit too expensive but it works really well. Its brush is perfect for people who have a problem in applying eyeliner. It has no bristles, its like a pen. Love it.
charmi shah
Star Rating:  5
Amazing !
This is my 5th purchase of this product.. it glides easily making the application so smooth & plus its so easy to take it off. I use it daily, so after a tiring day no need to use a make up remover to take this off..
Priyanka Charan
Star Rating:  4
glossy and long lasting
i am really in luv with this product....the only prblem is that it dries very fast and you have to be super quick.....while applying it ....it stays very long.....worth buying
Kairavi Umarvanshi
Star Rating:  5
Best eyeliner
Easily applicable. Stay for a very long time. So black.
Ishi Raisahib
Star Rating:  5
Best eyeliner
This is the best eye liner I have used till date. the brush is Amazing for daily wear.. it gives the perfect winged eye look.. I highly recommend it.. brush quality is amazing..
Star Rating:  3
Nice but the bottle dries up quick. Mine finished after 4-5 applications.
suruchi solanki
Star Rating:  1
Worst product
I don’t know why people are raving so much about this. I bought it from a store and I’m so sad it bought it. It’s the worst L’Oréal product I ever bought. It is not able to survive the pleasant weather here in Bangalore and smudged badly not once but every time I used it so I cannot imagine how bad it will perform at other places. Most disappointing product from L’Oréal ever. Wasted my money.
Star Rating:  4
Super Lacquer
LOreal Paris Superliner Black Lacquer is a fantastic product. It is easy to apply with just one stroke. Super Black lacquer
Prabhjot Waraich
Star Rating:  1
Its one of the worst product i have ever bought. Its not worth even a penny. Big disappointment.
Vishakha Somani
Star Rating:  5
Quick drying
Favourite liquid liner for quick application.
Harpreet Kaur
Star Rating:  4
Best eyeliner
As I have sensitive eyes..... this suited me a lot ..... favourite eyeliner... definitely buy this again.
Star Rating:  3
Awesome eyeliner
Just love the product and it is a great eyeliner.
Star Rating:  5
Best eyeliner
Using it since long now and i love it!
Scarlett Dcruz
Star Rating:  3
Decent eyeliner
Pigmentation is good. But the applicator is too long and hence does not give you a lot of control while applying. Had to redo my application multiple times because of this. Easy to remove as it has a peel-off type of consistent once applied. Overall a decent eyeliner, but I gave it 3 stars because it is not my type of eyeliner due to the slightly glossy look, peel off the finish and long applicator.
Anusha Muralidhar
Star Rating:  4
The brush is really nice, but I have to dip back into the pot, again and again, to get more product onto the brush. Would give it five if that can be fixed.
Honey Mhatre
Star Rating:  5
much loved product
this liner is just awesome..it does not get spread nd smudge free..removing it is also very easy as eyes dont get black ...just love this one and recommend all of u to plzz buy this..
Vandana Adlakha
Star Rating:  5
I have been using this item for past 1 year now. Finally, I could stick to one. It does not go off until you rinse it off your self. Good deal overall.
Star Rating:  4
L’Oréal superliner
Best eyeliner I have ever used. Its finish is so perfect and dries quickly. Its brush is so perfect that gives a nice line.
Debatri Dutta
Star Rating:  5
Worth it
Goes on smooth. is not that long lasting but worth the price.
anubha tirthani
Star Rating:  5
Perfect liquid liner
I restocked this liner..best one from my collection.
sadaf malik
Star Rating:  1
not a good product
useless product. not satisfied with it at all. total waste of money......
Swastika DasSharma
Star Rating:  5
glides perfectly
Just got the delivery and tried the product. it glides easily onto the eyes. looking forward to try new looks.
kruttika nadkarni
Star Rating:  5
love it!
the shade of black is beautiful
Aksha Shk
Star Rating:  1
Unworthy product
Liner is a bae product..I use it everyday for almost 9 hours at work..I bought this product liking the way it’s got a deep black effect.. Soon this turned into a huge disappointment as the product started coming out with few hours and dint last long for more than 4 days..won’t suggest this product at all
Namrata Diwan
Star Rating:  4
best liquid liner
have been using this liquid liner for years now. after application it dries off really fast. and wont budge. while removing with make up remove it peels off and doesnt smudge around the eye which the best part !! absolutely love this liner !!
Saloni Jain
Star Rating:  5
Perfect eyeliner
I think this is the most perfect eyeliner I’ve seen till date. It has the best finish, dries up quickly and actually is waterproof. It’s amazing what this eyeliner can do.
ravneet kaur
Star Rating:  3
Pretty average product by loreal, but yes it’s waterproof
Shreya Sinha
Star Rating:  5
Best liner in the market. This is my 4th bottle
Good for all my ladies who like some shine in their liners and the tip makes it very easy in terms of application especially if you like to *wing* it. Earlier it was a priced at 850 but this time I got it for 600 which is a considerable amount for the quality and quantity of 6ml.
Rukhsana Hussain
Star Rating:  5
Amazing eyeliner
The best thing about this eyeliner is that you can easily make thin and thick liner on the eye without a mess. The pen is extremely easy to apply with. It’s my constant now.
Prachi Turbadkar
Star Rating:  5
Simply Perfect!
Lasts all day for me and the felt tip helps draw the perfect wing! My go to liner for last 3 years now.. though the price has kept on increasing from ₹625 to ₹900 now it’s still WORTH IT!
Sakshi Rajput
Star Rating:  5
The best eyeliner
i have been using this product from 2 years and this is the most best product.
Valine Punamia
Star Rating:  3
Its a good product, super black does not smudge but the downside is the applicator . It’s very flimsy and bendable so does not provide a sharp winged liner look.
Shreya Agarwal
Star Rating:  5
Loreal Paris black lacquer
This is really amazing eyeliner gives u a perfect matte look and easy to wipe out you can go for this trust me.
Mona B
Star Rating:  5
Actually a Superliner
I use it everyday from 9-8 without any touch ups and ladies! Youd love the product. I earlier used Maybelline and then Iconic, This ones a bit more expensive but it does give you the stays ;) So go on, show it off
Monisha Shivnani
Star Rating:  4
Really nice and stays long.
anjali k
Star Rating:  4
Nice Product
Very easy to use and nice product. I have been using this for years.
Mansi Sarin
Star Rating:  5
Super black n super stay
Have been using this for years.. it stays whole day without peeling off .. the felt brush makes it extremely easy to use .. super black.. in love with this liner
Yuvika Lalwani
Star Rating:  5
Superliner actually Super
Its long lasting and ultra glam like no other eye liner. love it the most!
Vyshnavi A
Star Rating:  4
Love this liner
Awesome pigmentation and finishing
Star Rating:  5
perfect eyeliner
I have been using this eyeliner for 4 years now and it is the best till date. Best application and dries instantly. Best for wings and can be used for both thick and thin lines. I just love it.
Star Rating:  3
Partially satisfied!
I bought this eyeliner. What I like about this product is the applicator, it provides good precision & glides smoothly on the eyelid. The downside is the consistency of the product while applying. I have to dip the applicator quite a few times in the bottle to finish the look. After application it gives a glossy look which I personally don’t like. I feel the bottle has little product or it’s dried up.
Siddhi Joshi Rajadhyax
Star Rating:  5
Good one for perfect winged liners
Liner brush helps you get perfect wings. It’s so different from the usual ones and it’s waterproof too. Removes easily by peeling off & it has the darkest black colour enhances your eyes. Best product from L’Oréal in eyeliners.
Star Rating:  5
Smoothest Application
Ive been using this liner for quite a while now and this seems to be the only one that doesnt crumble at all! TIP: not meant for people with oily lids, the color transfers all over the lid!
Debalina Mallik
Star Rating:  5
awesome product☺️
Using this liner few months back.This liner is very easy to apply and also very easy to remove.It doesnt hurt eyes whenever you are removing it using makeup remover. ✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️ for the product. cons : little bit pricey.
Genuine nykaa buyer
Star Rating:  1
Recieved a fake product
In actual product its written superliner. As shown in the above picture but the one i recieved was written black lacquer by superliner. Very dry inside almost empty and that too it was not sealed.
Priyanka Chaudhary
Star Rating:  5
One Of The Best Liner
I have tried out so many eyeliners but this one is my favourite drugstore liquid liner. It makes application so easy. It stays in my eyes for long. It is value for money. So if you are looking for all-rounder eyeliner both for casual and party wear this one is the best grab!
ragini bansal
Star Rating:  5
Awesome product
Love that product... I have used since 4year... still Im buying.. so much buy...
vartika raj
Star Rating:  4
Best eyeliner ever
i have used this eyeliner on recomendation of my friend and i am in love with this now. i am not a pro when it comes to eyeliner but this is really easy to apply. Got it on a good deal at nykaa
Shivani Maheshwari
Star Rating:  4
its an amazing product... its smudge proof and water proof doesnt even move around or make the skin darker while removing.
Gulika Datt Bherwal
Star Rating:  5
Unsealed packing received
The product itself is good as loreal product suit me very well but my main concern is I received in an unsealed condition which I have never received when I buy in person.
Star Rating:  4
good liner
This one is a good one. Stays long too. Only downside is the gloss.
Disha Sadashiv
Star Rating:  5
I have a oily skin and any eye liner I use it smudges down my eyes but this was one which did do a magic. It is glossy and more over it waterproof and it peels off easily without making a mess out of it.
Sonia Sharma
Star Rating:  2
Quantity is very less As per the price.not up to the mark as it claimed Im disappointed
Tanzil Herekar
Star Rating:  2
I after doing lot of research and reading reviews I bought this product. had lot of expectation from it , but ended up with disappointment. It doesnt last long. Not very smooth in application kind of patchy and dry. I wont recommend it.
priyanka gupta
Star Rating:  5
the best in market!
well if youre looking for a liner that is completely waterproof and doesnt smudge. your search is over. this is the best thing you can get hand on. completely worth the price.
Star Rating:  2
Dries fast
Not that good for the price. Dries fast and then cant be used properly. The tip also crumbled when it got dried up.
Gurleen Athwal
Star Rating:  5
Its worth the money spent.. It will last you for almost a year
nadiya fatima
Star Rating:  5
good product !
This liner is really good. Its smooth with a soft pointed tip which is easy to apply n dries off v soon .if you are looking for a jet black liner u will love this . Its smooth, non irritating , non smudgy, water resistant .stays for 7-8 hrs !
Vinni Hasija
Star Rating:  3
good one but not worth
although its a good liner but the liner gets dry very quickly in the bottle
Shreya ßanerjee
Star Rating:  5
This is my very 1st purchase from Nykaa. Although Ive been using Loreal SuperLine eyeliner since 2years and I am addicted to it. It smoothly glides through the eyes creating a glossy and smooth jet black line. Easy for creating winged eyes
Gunjan Kohli
Star Rating:  5
Love it
I love this eyeliner. This is the 3rd or 4th time i have ordered this product. It is very easy to apply and gets dry very quickyly.
Deepika Sharma
Star Rating:  5
Using it since two years.....never found any other similar to this one....great applicator and stays all day....does not smudge at all...very smooth and stunning
Krishna Sravani
Star Rating:  5
In love with this,amazing product for sensitive eyes and jet black colour
sizam ansari
Star Rating:  4
just perfect
I am using this product now since 3 years and it is worth buying. It is the bst eyeliner I have ever used
Priyanka Debbarma
Star Rating:  5
all time favorite
I have been using this for almost 7 years from now. my most trusted eyeliner of all time.
Khushboo Sharma
Star Rating:  5
Best eyeliner
I’ve been using this eyeliner for a long time now. I truly recommend this to all those who love glossy eyeliners.
Tripti Adlakha
Star Rating:  5
awesum eyeliner
using it since long..it gives a glossy look evn after its dry.. dont smudge n is in peel off form.
Apoorva Sirsikar
Star Rating:  4
must buy
This is my daily wear product!! It stays the whole day. Doesnt come off unless u remove it ,thats the best part!
Surbhi Abrol
Star Rating:  5
This is by far the best eyeliner I have used. It is so easy to apply and the texture is pretty nice as well!
Upama Roy
Star Rating:  4
Super product!
Superior quality product with a easy to handle applicator. The pigment is wonderful, easy to apply and the gloss effect adds more density once applied. Does not smudge and is easy to take off as well. Worth the price!
Niku Saikia
Star Rating:  4
good product
its a good product. best part is how it never smudges
Mousumi Mukherjee
Star Rating:  4
glossy eyeliner
It is a beautiful black liner. It has a perfect sharp tip to master the wing. It gives a glossy finish after drying.
Star Rating:  5
Extremely pigmented
Its my go to product for any occasion. It stays put until I remove it and its super glossy.
Star Rating:  5
best... no more description ...that one word sums it up
Yogitha Kaushik
Star Rating:  4
Nice eyeliner
This eyeliner is quite good, stays for long. A good product for those who know how to use an eyeliner.
mehak khosla
Star Rating:  4
good eye liner
Good color payoff No tugging or pulling Stays for long Easy to use Not irritating for eyes Decent buy They could provide more quantity in this price range
Star Rating:  2
Not worth
It has a very glossy finish which in not suitable to use for office and also when i come back from office i see that liner is not there at most of the areas,it is flaky, it starts getting removed automatically after 4 to 5 hours, and and just got stuck in your eyelashes.
Tanvi Mhatre
Star Rating:  4
super dark and beautiful
The colour is intense and stays for long. good product.
Steffi Mathew
Star Rating:  4
Good product
This is a good eyeliner and it lasts long and it is easy to remove( dont have to keep rubbing your eyes with makeup remover). It is more of a shiny finish than a matte finish and can easily dry up so keep it closed always.
Shikha Singh
Star Rating:  5
A must have..
I am using this liner since last 2 years and love the fact that I need a face wash or cleansing solution to remove.. It looks as perfect as it was applied in the morning..
Kanika Mehta
Star Rating:  3
A good product
Application is easy. Lasts long. Waterproof. Not really smudgeproof as it leaves the eyelids black after a while.
Simren Garg
Star Rating:  4
Good eyeliner
Has a nice glossy finish. Stays put throughout the day. A good buy.
Neketa Adhikari
Star Rating:  4
Amazing liner
This liner has gel consistency with a pen like tip brush which is easy to apply and stays on for good amount of time. Easy to make a wink with this liner and easy to apply when in hurry.
Neha Arvind
Star Rating:  1
Duplicate Product
I received this product, which was not sealed and also I found the liner diluted. Takes many brush strokes for a smooth application.
Nikita Sehgal
Star Rating:  5
Love it!
Just purchased my first liquid liners ladies and its fab! The application is smooth and the sponge just glides on your eye lid. Long lasting and has a slightly glossy look, perfect for formal wear or going out. Would definitely recommend as worth trying to anyone looking for a great liquid liner!
Akshita Malhotra
Star Rating:  4
Easy to use
It is an amazing liner, which is very easy to apply and gives a good finish. I would recommend this to the girls who want to start applying liner but are afraid that it is difficult to use.
Rashmi Singh
Star Rating:  2
Worst Eyeliner Ever
i am huge LOreal Fan but highly disappointed with this product. The applicator is very poor doesnt take product properly. A big no no for me.
Star Rating:  3
Loreal paris superliner is awesome. It is easy to apply and really long lasting. Its smudge proof and water proof as well, but when it came to me it was unsealed, so I doubt its quantity.
Star Rating:  3
Gets flaky
This one is quite difficult to apply as I had been using pencil or gel eyeliners earlier. It is too glossy to be worn daily, specially in summers. It is good for a party look though. It starts flaking by the end of the day. It dries very fast post application, but drawing a line is quite tricky because of that.
Star Rating:  4
Very easy to use
The applicator on this is quite different which makes it so easy to use. Its a great eyeliner, definitely worth a try. The only issue I have with this liner is that the quantity is quite small for the money you pay.
Star Rating:  5
Perfect Eyeliner !
I was initially skeptic about buying this eyeliner as it was too pricey for a college going student like me few years back.... but it was worth eye single penny I had spent ! Perfectly glides over your eyelid and gives the perfect smooth finish! I use eyeliner every single day and it lasted almost 4 months... You want a thin line or a bold cat eyes... If you are reading this review ... trust me ... Give it a Try ! you wont regret ! Have a great day girls ! Stay pretty and happy :)
Star Rating:  4
One of the best liners around. The felt tip is soft but it is slightly harsher than the Super Liner Carbon Gloss. The formula is thicker and stays for a longer duration. It weighs down the eyes a bit if you apply many coats, but with one or two coats its pretty good. The finish is beautiful. Pricing is steep but the product is good.
Star Rating:  5
The product is superb. No smudge and remains for the whole day. Five stars . Recommended for all ladies.
Star Rating:  5
Loreal eyeliner is really good and quality is superb. No smudge whole day stay. Love to use LOréal eyeliner, I m using it for last 2 yrs.
Star Rating:  5
just perfect !
i recently purchased this and i am super happy. totally waterproof and doesnt smudge even a bit. stays all day long with a subtle glossy finish. this is my first liquid eyeliner and i am glad i purchased this. the felt tip ensures proper application. highly recommend this!
Star Rating:  5
Definitely recommended
It gives a superbly dark and smooth finish. Easy to use, precise touch. Lets just see how long this lasts! A must buy on discount :)
Star Rating:  4
Must have clack eyeliner
This has a super black finish..great to use... Adore it!! Must have product ( Black is always in )
Star Rating:  5
Five stars!!!!!!!
Too good. So happy using this product. Its Worth for the money you paid.
Star Rating:  4
OMG!! I love this eyeliner; I generally get scared to wear eyeliners since I wear lenses; but this is perfect. Its also really easy to use and lasts a really long time and doesnt dry out. I wish it wasnt limited edition.