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How To Be A Good Neighbour

So you’ve finally made the decision to move out of home. You’ve found a place to live, you’ve unpacked all your things and you’re setting about making this new place your home. At first, it seems to be all fun and games playing “house”, but when it comes time to pay the bills, cook meals and clean up yourself, the novelty begins to wear thin; especially if your parents have taken care of all of this for you before.

While moving out of home is a rite of passage in every person’s life, with it comes a great deal of responsibility. You will most likely rent the first place you stay in after you move out of home and while it is your own place there are things you need to keep in mind.

After speaking to estate agents Bayswater we have come up with the top tips for being a well mannered and courteous tenant.

1. Introduce yourself to your neighbours when you first move in. Greet them when you see them and being generally courteous will go a long way towards maintaining a good and respectful relationship between you and your neighbours.

2. Monitor your noise levels – While you may enjoy blasting your music at eardrum shattering decibels, throwing house parties and staying up late with friends, or practising the drums well into the night this will not endear you to your neighbours. Keep in mind that there is little insulation in flats and townhouses and any noise you make in your flat will travel.

3. If you have a garden or an area of grass that needs to be maintained then do so. While you may be renting your neighbours possibly own their property and if one house on the street looks bad then it brings down the value of the neighbouring properties.

4. If you hold a party then either invite your neighbours or give them a few days’ warning that there may be loud music, cars blocking the street and so on.

5. Whether you have on-street parking or designated or communal parking bays, make sure that you park within in the lines and in your allocated space. If you invite friends over then make sure that they park in designated visitors’ bays or if they park on the street then ensure that they do not block your neighbours’ access.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind if you want to develop and maintain good neighbourly relations. While central London estate agents can help you find the perfect home, it’s up to you to be a perfect neighbour.

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