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Tips to help you get pregnant

It is every married woman dreams to get pregnant and raise a child but sometimes due to work and other biological factors, couples are not able to conceive a child. I’ll be mentioning here few simple tips to get you started. Please note, these are just my personal suggestions and it may not work for you. But, experience tells me that majority of the patients have a good story to tell after my consultations.

1. Make love and sex: – Some people think the word ‘sex’ is dirty, but in reality, it is what married couple does to have babies. So, make whatever you want, call it love or sex, the byproduct should be children. No sex means no child, at least biologically speaking.

2. Have sex during ovulation:- You need to know that the woman’s egg is capable of fertilization only within 24 hours after being released from the ovary. On the other hand, the man’s sperm lives for 48 and 72 hours in the woman’s reproductive tract. The two must mix/gel. How to do that? The answer is having sex at least every 72 hours. Sex does not mean that the husband should ejaculate every time. Some of my clients say they had many sex and then wait for one or two ‘big’ ejaculation. Remember, too many ejaculations can reduce the sperm count and thus reducing the chances of pregnancy.

3. Keep testicles cool:- Believe it or not, a cool testicle is much more productive. Do not expose testicles to extreme heat when you are planning to have a child. In India, there is a tradition followed by many tribal groups. When a man thinks he is ready to have a child, he gets a holy dip in a river, probably the Ganga. This tradition is still very popular even to this day.

4. Relax after sex: – Relaxation is a must. The woman should lay down for at least one hour after sex to prevent outflow of the sperm. Sometimes, you may want to keep a pillow on the woman’s back or hips as well.

5. No alcohol and drugs:- Hormonal changes occur when you take drugs or alcohol. So, the best is avoid both before and during pregnancy.

6. No lubricants:- Lubricants are made of chemicals so is the human sperm. If the chemicals in the lubricants react with it there could be problems in future.

7. Do missionary position:- I often ask my patients what positions they followed during the consultation process. Most of them say they do not engage in fantasies. They just do it the ‘good old way’. In this position, the woman is fully relaxed and she does not have to exert pressure on other muscles like the vaginal tract. Also, the ejaculation shot is straight and goes right into the ovary.

These are the main focus area you should keep in mind. Others, like maintaining a well-balanced diet, cut down on beverages, exercise, etc are also important.


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