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  • Renata started the topic sleep issue in the forum General Chat 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    I’ve noticed that my youngest son hasn’t been sleeping well lately, maybe it’s the weather. Neither warm milk nor milk, nor massage, nor fairy tales help. How do you cope with it? Maybe you need more activity?

  • Renata started the topic allergy in the forum General Chat 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    My youngest son is allergic to dairy products, so I try to look for products and recipes that work for him. If you have any tips or interesting recipes, I would be happy to read them.

  • Hello! Such a good idea, I am in. What do you want parents to do? I think we need more information. Will the list include children’s books? I think this is short supply right now, there is a lot of such literature on the market, but ut’s hard to find quality literature.

  • Renata started the topic car seat in the forum Childcare 12 months ago

    I recently bought a car seat for my baby, but it was a little bigger than I needed. It seems like it can’t be shrunk, but maybe you know of models that have adjustable height? Thank you.

  • Renata started the topic daily routine in the forum Parenting 12 months ago

    Hi all, how do you organize your daily routine? Do you have a schedule for the day? I have a morning routine for myself and the kids, but how hard is it to maintain it right now. 

  • Renata started the topic quarantine stress in the forum Childcare 12 months ago

    Hello! How do you cope with the workload during the quarantine period? It was hard to have time to help a child with home schooling, do all the household chores, plus work full time. How do you cope with the stress?

  • Renata started the topic work-life balance in the forum Work from Home 12 months ago

    Hello, everyone! How do you cope with balancing work and family? I’ve noticed that since I’ve been working from home, my rhythm of the day has been off. If you have any tips, I’d love to read them.

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