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Maintaining great figure for mothers

Gaining weight during pregnancy is a natural phenomenon and losing weight is not a common feature of all lactating mothers. Mothers usually gain approximately 10 kg during and shedding those baby fats has become a major issue to new mothers who would like to regain their once ‘perfect’ shape.

Here are few tips for you to regain that figure you have maintained for so long.

1. Never diet: – If you decide that within weeks of delivery that you want to start shedding the flab, forget it. You must never fast or diet for the sake of your child. Wait at least a couple of months.

2. Balanced Diet: – Eat a balanced diet which has calcium (milk), iron (fish and grilled meat), stews (vegetables, meat) and drink plenty of water.

3. Healthy food: – Stay away from fatty foods; Eat dried fruits and vegetables

4. Moderate Excercise: – No heavy exercise. Take short walks instead. A half-an-hour walk will do.

5.  Swim:- In the fourth month, you can try swimming.

6. No hurries:- Treadmill exercise only after 6 months.

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