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Tips to help you get pregnant

It is every married woman dreams to get pregnant and raise a child but sometimes due to work and other biological factors, couples are not able to conceive a child. I’ll be mentioning here few simple tips to get you started. Please note, these are just my personal suggestions and it may not work for you. But, experience tells me that majority of the patients have a good story to tell after my consultations. 1. Make love and sex: – Some people think the word ‘sex’ is dirty, but in reality, it is what married couple does to have babies. So, make whatever you want, call it love or sex, the byproduct should be children. No sex means no child, at least biologically speaking. 2. Have sex during ovulation:- You need to know that the woman’s egg is capable of fertilization only with...

12 characteristics of a good mother

A good mother has many characteristics. Some of them are: – Loving Caring Consistent Forgiving Understanding Calm Organized Friendly Fierce Knowledgeble Brave Friendly