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Before taking her own life, triathlete asked her mother to ‘lay bare the sins’ of her alleged abusers

After the death of 22-year-old Choi Suk-hyeon, a South Korean triathlete, ​her teammates came forward with horrifying ​allegations ​about what they say is their triathlon team’s physically and emotionally abusive training practices.Choi’s father says that CCTV footage, slippers found on a rooftop and a series of foreshadowing text messages sent to her mother were factors determining that Choi took her own life. Ready Full Story  23,590 total views,  13 views today

Mother is charged after ‘leaving her two-year-old daughter alone in hot car

A Florida mother was arrested after she left her two-year-old daughter in her sweltering car while she shopped at a mall on a hot July day. Thamyres Pounce, 32, was charged with one count of child neglect, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies were called to The Mall at Wellington Green at 4.14pm on Monday after a bystander spotted the child locked inside a white Nissan. Full Report  20,896 total views,  7 views today

Britney Spears’ mother files legal paperwork to be included in daughter’s finances

Britney Spears’ mother Lynne has filed legal documents to be included in decisions related to her daughter’s multi-million trust and finances. Lynne is believed to have put in a request to be included in any “special notice” of all maters regarding her daughter’s finances, according to The Blast.  16,228 total views,  7 views today

Evil mum bribed her five-year-old daughter with chocolate and lollies to make the little girl have sex with her and her boyfriend

A mother bribed her five-year-old daughter with chocolate and lollies to take part in a threesome with her and her boyfriend in a sick campaign of abuse. The woman, who cannot be identified, abused her daughter on four separate occasions between October 2017 and April 2018 in Northland, northern New Zealand. She tried to argue that she faced ‘abandonment issues’ due to a troubled childhood and feared her partner would leave if she did not comply with his sexual requests. Read Full Report DAILY MAIL  15,178 total views,  7 views today

Kids and Thank You Notes

When I turned eight I had my first real birthday party. I can remember it vividly. We had a petting zoo, a water balloon fight, and I even got presents from people that weren’t immediate family. It was awesome. I also remember this as the day I learned about the importance of writing thank you notes. My mother told me that I was going to have to write a thank you note to everyone who came to my party. A thank you note? Why do I have to write a thank you note just because people came to my party? I mean, we were the ones who hosted the party, provided the cake, and animals for petting. My mother said that it was the “proper” thing to do. Like a good little girl, I obeyed my mother and wrote thank you notes to all my friends. During the process, I realized I was actually having a lot of fun....

How To Be A Good Neighbour

So you’ve finally made the decision to move out of home. You’ve found a place to live, you’ve unpacked all your things and you’re setting about making this new place your home. At first, it seems to be all fun and games playing “house”, but when it comes time to pay the bills, cook meals and clean up yourself, the novelty begins to wear thin; especially if your parents have taken care of all of this for you before. While moving out of home is a rite of passage in every person’s life, with it comes a great deal of responsibility. You will most likely rent the first place you stay in after you move out of home and while it is your own place there are things you need to keep in mind. After speaking to estate agents Bayswater we have come up with the top tips for being a well mannered and cour...

The Story of Mothers and Daughters

The Story of Mothers and Daughters is a documentary about what is the most important bond of them all, the mother-daughter relationship. Drawn from interviews with over 400 women and girls, featuring the 40 best stories and real-life episodes in the mother-daughter relationship, a profoundly moving journey from cradle to grave.  568,205 total views,  1 views today

Tips to help you get pregnant

It is every married woman dreams to get pregnant and raise a child but sometimes due to work and other biological factors, couples are not able to conceive a child. I’ll be mentioning here few simple tips to get you started. Please note, these are just my personal suggestions and it may not work for you. But, experience tells me that majority of the patients have a good story to tell after my consultations. 1. Make love and sex: – Some people think the word ‘sex’ is dirty, but in reality, it is what married couple does to have babies. So, make whatever you want, call it love or sex, the byproduct should be children. No sex means no child, at least biologically speaking. 2. Have sex during ovulation:- You need to know that the woman’s egg is capable of fertilization only with...

Teach Your Kids How to Decorate Their School Locker

Being a pre-teen or early teenager is difficult. Trying to both conform and fit in with all of your classmates whilst seeming unique is a hard thing to do. I personally went to a grammar and high school with a very restrictive dress code, so I know very well how to operate within the “letter of the law” and still seem unique. I read an article in the New York Times called: Middle School Girls Unlock a Room of Their Own, in Miniature. It discussed how middle school students are decorating their lockers to their personal tastes. Everything from small shag rugs, to wallpaper and wallpaper borders, to even little chandeliers hanging from the top of the locker were used to create a small oasis in the school day. The locker represents for some kids the very first bit of privacy and freedom to de...

10 economical ways to decorate your dining room

The kitchen is probably the second most visited place in your house. As such you need to see that it is comfortable and designed in an aesthetic way. But with the cost of materials going right above your roof, you may not be able to buy that modular kitchen you have always thought of having it. Remember, a great kitchen is almost like a paradise. You can have your fill and also relax at the same time. Here, I’ll be mentioning just 10 cheap ways to give your kitchen a great look. Painted Walls Hang Mirrors to give a big look Place plants or flowers Use ethic baskets Use Chandelier Hang Family Photos Use color matching tiles Use drapes Use cushion on chairs Use candles at dinner time.  89,086 total views,  3 views today

Maintaining great figure for mothers

Gaining weight during pregnancy is a natural phenomenon and losing weight is not a common feature of all lactating mothers. Mothers usually gain approximately 10 kg during and shedding those baby fats has become a major issue to new mothers who would like to regain their once ‘perfect’ shape. Here are few tips for you to regain that figure you have maintained for so long. 1. Never diet: – If you decide that within weeks of delivery that you want to start shedding the flab, forget it. You must never fast or diet for the sake of your child. Wait at least a couple of months. 2. Balanced Diet: – Eat a balanced diet which has calcium (milk), iron (fish and grilled meat), stews (vegetables, meat) and drink plenty of water. 3. Healthy food: – Stay away from fatty foods; Eat dried frui...

5 Social Strategies for Surviving a Messy Divorce

As mothers, we can’t completely avoid the idea of a divorce.  This is a reality of life and many women, with kids, often are thrown into a new phase of their lives when a marriage breaks down. So, here are a few suggestions – a different set of ideas – for dealing with divorce. Pets Inspired by stories in which people survive tragedy by being rescued by their pets, a recent blogger praised her dogs for serving as pillars of emotional strength throughout her divorce. And why not? The emotional bond may not be as strong with the canine species, but apparently, it isn’t negligible! People If you don’t have a dog, hope is not necessarily lost. Turning to people for support is extremely important, and extremely effective. We all know that a support system is important but what...

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